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Convenience Auto has more experience working on Subaru Japanese vehicles than any shop in Ann Arbor. Lou Lippert, co-owner of Convenience was the service manager of the local Subaru Dealer for over 20 years. Since opening the store, we’ve done over 5000 Subaru head gaskets, timing belts and water pumps, for our customers.

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Liberty St: (734) 769-0170
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Liberty St: (734) 769-0170
Jewett Ave: (734) 769-0380

What Makes Us Different?

While most dealers are very proficient at warranty work and chasing production issues, we are intimately familiar with all the various Subaru models, regardless of their age. .  . We know what to look for, and how to fix them when they act up. More importantly, we know how to get your Subaru to last. We have many customers who (thanks to their trust in us) are daily-driving 200,000 mile Subaru cars.

Each time one of our regular customers comes in for a routine oil or other services, we perform a ‘peace of mind’ inspection that identifies not only what your vehicle might need today, but what is developing in the future. Because we repair more Subaru vehicles than any other shop in Ann Arbor, we know where the vulnerable areas are on your Subaru. We anticipate the failures and suggest the regular maintenance items that will make your car last! Having a relationship with us allows our customers to plan for maintenance that is likely needed in the future, but more importantly, creating the best value by addressing small issues before they become big ones. Come in and give us a try.

Subaru Head Gasket Repairs – Why We Are Different

Convenience Auto has done thousands of Subaru head gaskets over the years. Likely more than even the dealer. We’ve learned a great deal from that experience. First, we remove the head, and machine it to factory spec flatness. This costs a little bit more, but since most heads become slightly warped over time, or if even slight overheating has occurred, any warpage will compromise the way the new head gasket seals.

We were amazed recently when a good customer brought in an estimate for a head gasket replacement. The dealer price was slightly higher than ours, and when we looked at the detail, this particular dealer had left out some (we believe) very important steps. They didn’t include cylinder head machining, the timing belt, water pump, etc. which is a standard procedure based on our experience. We also noted that the dealer only warranted the repair for 12 months or 12, 000 miles. Our head gaskets are warranted for 3 years or 36,000 miles. We believe that when you spend that much money, the repair ought to be done to last!

Come see us and see for yourself what our experience and customer commitment can do for you and your car!

Our 4.9 rating on Google comes from hundreds of Ann Arbor Subaru owners just like you. Experience the best customer service in Ann Arbor at Convenience Auto.

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