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Hybrid vehicles are becoming more and more common on the roads these days. With virtually every major automotive manufacturer having at least one hybrid car in their line, the instability of gas prices and people’s acceptance of the technology quickly rising, their sales have risen at an astounding rate.

Unfortunately for you, if you have taken the hybrid plunge, not all automotive repair shops have kept up with all of the latest developments in this quickly changing sector of our business. Too many are now scrambling to catch up or still think working on a hybrid vehicle is no different than any other vehicle.

The truth is that the Hybrid Drivetrain of your car is different from a standard gasoline or diesel powered vehicles and requires a special service to be kept in tip top condition. Beyond that, while every car company has their own unique way of doing things. When it comes to their hybrids, the differences are even greater than with standard models.

We have a team of certified technicians who know hybrids. From the very first models that hit the streets, we could see that this wasn’t going to be a passing fad. Gas/electric hybrid vehicles were an idea whose time had not only come, but was a natural and inevitable evolution of our industry.

Due to this, we’ve dedicated ourselves to being the leading hybrid service and repair experts from those very days until now. Through continuing education and hands-on training, we have made certain that our repair technicians are the best in the area.

When your hybrid vehicle is in need of service or heaven forbid repair, you don’t want someone working on it that still wishes hybrids would just go away. You want someone who is dedicated to knowing and understanding exactly how and why your vehicle works the way it does and what it takes to keep it in perfect working order.

You will find those people at our shop, where we have supported and serviced Hybrids from the beginning.

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Liberty St: (734) 769-0170
Jewett Ave: (734) 769-0380

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