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The famous BMW tagline, “The Ultimate Driving Machine” isn’t all bluster. Convenience Auto in Ann Arbor, Michigan are your BMW Service and Repair Experts. We have serviced more BMW vehicles over a longer period of time than any other BMW repair shop near you featuring foreign car repair in Ann Arbor, MI.

If you're in need of German auto repair for "BMW repair near me," look no further.

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Liberty St: (734) 769-0170
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BMW owners know that driving one of these fine motorcars is a true performance pleasure. BMW vehicles excel at performance, design, and overall luxury. The sophistication of engineering is nearly unparalleled in the industry. That level of sophistication (and complexity) in nearly every system in your BMW is the reason it is so much more fun to drive than say a Toyota Camry. Without deference to the Camry, the BMW level of performance necessitates a thorough maintenance program throughout its life.  Whether it’s a BMW 3 Series, a 7 Series, or one of the BMW M cars, We love both driving and caring for these vehicles,. We welcome customers who share our passion.


BMW cars are made up of complex systems, often with lightweight components. When these components age, they need attention. Suspension, Cooling system, Fluid replacement, and Brakes are key things to keep an eye on as your BMW gets beyond 60,000 miles.

Convenience Auto has mechanics with over 30 years of dealer experience and training, as well as Institute of Automotive Service Excellence certification, so if you are searching for "BMW mechanic near me," you can have confidence that we know the right way to service your vehicle, at a price that is fair.

What Makes Us Different

We understand BMW factory maintenance schedules, and the recommended major and minor preventative services for your BMW. We will be happy to go over them anytime you wish. Our many years of experience help us understand what goes wrong with these cars, and what to do when they break, or start showing signs of wear.  Our service advisors are never on commission, so they aren’t motivated to sell you anything you don’t need or want. They take the time to understand your plan for your BMW – do you plan to keep it forever, or is there a new car in the near future, and will prioritize what you need and what can wait. We take the time to make sure you fully understand the implications of any repair, and that there are no surprises at check out.

Let the expert technicians at Convenience Auto Service In Ann Arbor take care of your BMW service and repair needs.

You deserve service for your BMW that is Simple and Convenient.

History of BMW

Today, BMW (Bavarian Motor Works)is known for making luxury cars, sports cars, sport utility vehicles, crossovers, and motorcycles, but they didn’t start out that way.  Bavarian Motor Works (or BMW) started as a company that manufactured aircraft engines during World War One in 1916.  BMW didn’t start marketing cars until they bought the rights to the Dixi line of cars in 1928.  The first car BMW produced was a rebranded Dixi that they called the BMW 3/15.  BMW started expanding and making a name for themselves in luxury and sports cars in the 1930s.  Coming up to World War Two, BMWs main products were aircraft engines, automobiles, and motorcycles.  In the 1940s, car production came to a halt during World War II, but they still produced aircraft engines and motorcycles.

At the end of World War II, most of the German BMW headquarters had been bombed and destroyed.  The few BMW facilities that were not were ordered to cease any production of any cars, motorcycles, or airplane engines.  BMW survived during the few years of ended production by creating pots/pans, and bicycles.  By 1948, BMW came back to building motorcycles.  BMW car production came back in the 1950s.

BMW had some serious financial trouble in the 1950s, but came back into prosperity in the 1960s when they released the “BMW New Class”.  This was the point where BMW started becoming known for being a leading manufacturer of sports cars.  BMW, since the 1960s, has made significant history in touring cars, formula one, and the Isle of Man TT.

Bavarian Motor Sports markets automobiles under the name of BMW, Mini, and Rolls-Royce.  BMW makes multiple lines of cars including the BMW Model Line (Luxury cars), the X-Series (SUVs and Crossovers), Z-Series (Roadster), and iModels (Hybrid and Electric Cars).  BMW is currently headquartered in Munich, Germany, and is the 12th largest producer of motor vehicles in the world.  Our customers love their BMWs, and the staff at Convenience Auto Service in Ann Arbor, love to work on them.  Give us a call and schedule an appointment for your BMW repair and service today.

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