Electronic Approval Terms and Conditions

The State of Michigan requires licensed repair facilities to capture your written approval to begin work on your vehicle. It also requires said repair facilities to obtain permissions in writing if estimated repairs exceed $20. These requirements were put in place prior to the commonplace availability of electronic means of communications and approvals via the internet. Electronic approval is more convenient for many customers. Agreement with the following terms indicates to us that you have carefully considered the tradeoff between electronic communications and a “pen and paper” approval, and are willing to waive the pen and paper process / requirements. Your agreement means that the following terms apply to all subsequent communications related to this and subsequent visits, and that transactions by either telephone (verbal) or other electronic means, such as Email, Text or Fax, are acceptable substitutes and that you waive your right to have signed specific paper estimates and approvals consummated prior to starting and completing work on your vehicle.

  1. You agree that an electronic or verbal approval either by electronic means (usually but not limited to Telephone, Text Message, Fax or Email)  or in person is binding on you, and that you will agree to pay the full amount that you authorized. You also agree that unless you have specifically requested us to save your old parts in writing  prior to the commencement of work, that you waive your right to examine or take possession of any old parts, and that we are authorized to dispose of them in a manner convenient to us.
  2. You authorize us to begin work on your vehicle without a signed paper authorization. You agree to pay our customary diagnostic fee if we deem it appropriate, which will amount to the first hour of labor, at our customary labor rate for such diagnostics. Unless specifically agreed to in writing, you should not assume that we offer free diagnostic service.
  3. Unless you have made other agreement with us, whenever our subsequent diagnosis indicates that the cost to repair your vehicle goes beyond the customary amount indicated above, we will stop work until we have your approval to continue and approve a not to exceed amount. You agree that an estimate of charges from us via electronic means and your subsequent approval via electronic means shall be treated the same as a written and signed agreement. If you approve a repair via telephone, we may ask you to email or text to confirm the amount, but you do not require us to do this. You expressly agree that a verbal approval is binding on you.
  4. Disclaimer of Warranties: The seller, hereby expressly disclaims all warranties, either expressed or implied including any implied warranty of merchantability, of fitness for a particular purpose, and neither assumes nor authorized any other person to assume for it any liability in connection with the sale of said products. See our website warranty tab for additional information.
  5. In the event that you, the customer, authorize commencement but do not authorize completion of a repair or service, a charge will be imposed for disassembly, reassembly or partially completed work. Such charge will be directly related to the actual amount of labor or parts involved in the inspection, repair or service. You expressly agree to pay these charges.
  6. Vehicles must be picked up when we are finished working on them, or as soon as you elect not to complete repair work. You agree that any vehicle not picked up within 10 days is subject to storage and or towing charges.
  7. Your agreement with these terms indicates that you hereby authorize the repair work set forth to be done along with the necessary material and agree that you are either the vehicle owner or an authorized representative of that person. You further agree that we are not responsible for loss or damage to the vehicle or articles left in the vehicle. This applies in case of theft, fire, or any other cause beyond our control or for any delays caused by unavailability of parts or delays in parts shipments by any supplier or transporter. I hereby grant you and your employees’ permission to operate the vehicle on streets, highways or elsewhere for the purpose of testing and or inspection. An expressed garage keeper’s lein is hereby acknowleged on the vehicle to secure the amount of repairs hereto.