Premium oil service at Convenience Auto Service:

We believe that our premium oil service is the most essential element in making your car last. We’ve refined our process to make sure that we look after your car in a more caring and thorough manner than what you would expect from one of those ‘quicklube’ places. We start with experience. Our technicians are ASE certified, state licensed. Oil and Filter replacement is one of the most important parts of any vehicle service and is included with any oil service. Oil changes at regular frequent intervals are recommended by all manufacturers, and are essential if you want your car to last a long time. In addition to having your oil replaced, an experienced technician will also would normally take the extra time to visually inspect the following items with each oil service:

  • Front and rear brakes for wear
  • Top up fluids – washer solvent, brake fluid, power steering fluid
  • Front and rear suspension for wear or broken parts
  • Tire wear, and inflate them to proper pressures
  • Axle boots for cuts or leaks
  • Use a computer battery test and check battery terminals and cables
  • Do all the exterior lights and turn signals work?
  • Examine belts and hoses and look for leaks
  • Engine and cabin air filters
  • Wiper blades, front and rear
  • Exhaust system

We believe that regular checks are a good idea, as many small problems are easily corrected when detected early. When you pick up your car, we present you with a summary of our findings, and provide you with a status of the condition of your vehicle. It’s our way of keeping you (and your car) safe and reliable.

We also strongly believe that having your car serviced by the same shop (whether it’s us or someone else) you are normally better off to be consistent. Believe it our not, we remember our regular customers. If you’ve been to either of our shops before, we retain you service records, and try to pay special attention to any small or developing issues identified at previous visits. This will make a difference. In the long run, it provides for less surprises and lower cost.