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Many Ann Arbor drivers won’t think about their tires very much, and the job they do unless they go flat.   Tires are the only part of your vehicle that actually touches the roadway, and they do that 24/7, even when parked! 

Many of our customers don’t realize that in addition to being service and repair specialists, Convenience Auto service advisors and technicians are tire specialists, too.  It makes sense to purchase tires from the same place that performs your regular maintenance and repair, and especially if you are having an alignment done at the same time. Convenience Auto sells tires, and usually at lower prices than the local tire stores!  We don’t stock a ton of tires, which means we normally need 24 hours to get them for you. However, this process saves us money, and we pass the savings along.

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Liberty St: (734) 769-0170
Jewett Ave: (734) 769-0380

Tire and Wheel Service

if you purchase your tires at the same auto repair place (our shop or somewhere else) you know you wont get the runaround if something goes wrong down the line.  Our employees know you, your vehicle, and your driving style better than a tire store you visit once every 3 or 4 years.  We can help you determine precisely when you NEED new tires and eliminate any confusion regarding which tire is best for you – size, style, and budget. We take the time to explain these things and get you back on the road with confidence that you are back safely on the road.

Tires perform many functions, but primarily our customers are concerned about the following :

  1. Handling – how well the vehicle will grip the road in a variety of driving conditions. From rain to snow to dry pavement.
  2. Braking efficiency. Can I stop as quickly as I need to, especially in rain and snow?
  3. If I tow, or If I frequently load up my vehicle, can I safely carry the load?
  4. Will the tires give me a comfortable, quiet ride?
  5. Will they give me good gas mileage?
  6. How long can I expect them to last?
  7. Do I need snow tires, or are all-season tires good enough (see below)?

We will do our best to answer all these and any other questions that you have BEFORE you buy. AND, at a price that usually beats the chain stores.

Snow Tires – Do I need them in Ann Arbor?

Wintertime in Michigan means ice, snow, and slippery roads. We at convenience auto service recommend getting snow tires (also known as winter tires) when the weather drops consistently below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. While snow tires are louder than all-season tires, there is a significant body of objective evidence that snow tires are a safer alternative than all-season tires in the snow and ice.. Snow tires are made with a different material than typical tires, which helps them stick to the ground better in wet and icy conditions than all-season tires. Snow tires have wider tread grooves / more aggressive tread patterns in order to cut through the snow. Although the tread pattern of a snow tire is helpful, The main advantage of winter tires is that winter tires are designed specifically for cold weather and are made of a softer rubber compound that stays more pliable in the winter, which keeps the tire in better contact with the road, even when there is no snow on the ground. A winter tire will give you better handling and stopping distance during cold winter months.

If you do plan on using snow tires, Convenience Auto Service recommends you change all four tires - it is less safe to only put snow tires on the back or only on the front. Having two different sets of tires degrades handling and stopping distance. In addition, if you were to put snow tires on the back and keep them there, the tires would wear unevenly, making more work for you later. When you want to change into snow tires, all four tires should be changed.

With all of that being said, it is important to remember to put your all-season tires back on your car when the winter season is over. Winter tires will wear faster in the heat of spring and summer. The harder rubber compounds used for normal all-season tires will wear longer and get better gas mileage during the summer months.

If you have any questions about winter or all-season tires, call Convenience Auto Service today and we will be happy to recommend the proper tires for your vehicle.

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