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Even though the CDC has concluded that the primary method of COVID transmission is person to person through the air, it’s still a good idea to ensure that surfaces within your vehicle are disinfected frequently, too.  Many folks (including us) utilize sanitizing wipes or alcohol-based liquids to wipe down exposed surfaces. But what about those surfaces you can’t reach with an aerosol spray or a sanitizing wipe?  Convenience Auto believes that the best way to fully sanitize your vehicle is through the use of Ozone Sanitization.

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Automobile Ozone Sanitation Service Detail

What is Ozone?

Ozone is a naturally occurring gas that is made up of three oxygen atoms (03) . It is found in trace amounts in the stratosphere. Ozone is best known as a gas that is helpful in protecting the earth from harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun’s rays.  In the rest of the atmosphere, ozone is more commonly created by man-made chemical reactions. The total amount of ozone in our atmosphere as a percentage is low – only about .00006 percent.

In many studies, Ozone has been shown to be very effective in eliminating many bacterial and viral contaminants. It is not effective in eliminating particulates, but rather the microorganisms (bacteria) and virial components that might be living on them.

Our Ozone Sanitizing process involves the use of an Ozone generating machine. We utilize a very strict protocol when applying this equipment to your car.  We follow these important steps:

  1. We seal all the windows to ensure a closed environment
  2. With the vehicle running, operate the HVAC with fans on HIGH
  3. The Ozone generator is placed inside the vehicle for up to 4 hours (depending on the size of the vehicle)
  4. Any remaining ozone gas is exhausted from your vehicle interior.

By allowing the ozone gas to penetrate and propagate throughout the vehicle, the ozone gas is allowed to penetrate into upholstery, heating vents, and of course, exposed surfaces to kill organic contaminants and viral agents it comes in contact with, including (and especially) places you can’t reach with a sanitizing wipe.

This comprehensive sanitization is available to all of our customers. Ask your service advisor to explain the process to you.

Ozone sanitization is just one way that Convenience Auto Service keeps your life simple and convenient.

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