Muffler and Exhause Repair Service

Service Overview

At a race track or drag strip, hearing the roar of an engine can be exciting when expected. To us non-racers, having our vehicles operate quietly is as much about tranquility as it is about making sure that your car operates efficiently. Each engine has it’s own unique sound and smell. When there is a significant change to that familiar sound or smell, you should be alerted to possible muffler problems.

Mufflers perform a vital function in your vehicle’s engine operation. It takes engine emissions (including gasses that contain water vapor, unburned fuel, and acidic particles from the engine away from the passenger compartment. On the way away from the engine, the emissions pass through a catalytic converter that filters a majority of those pollutants out, and the residue moves into the muffler that cools the exhaust and minimizes the noise created by the engine’s operation.

Exhaust Gasket
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Muffler and Exhaust Service Detail

Mufflers are often “out of sight and out of mind” until you hear something strange, observe some smoke or discharge from under your car, or smell something stinky. A properly functioning muffler directs visible exhaust and fumes outside away from the vehicle through the tailpipe. Exhaust smells should never make their way inside the vehicle. When any exhaust smells become pronounced inside the vehicle, you need to take the matter seriously. Left unattended, exposure to those fumes (carbon monoxide) can sometimes be fatal. React accordingly. Those fumes can get inside the vehicle through cracks, or holes in the exhaust system. This damage can be caused by rocks, time, rust, and other damage caused by normal driving. Some cracks or holes may be easy to detect from underneath the car. Remember, mufflers get hot while the engine is running. Let it cool down for a significant period before attempting to inspect it. Whenever an untrained person attempts to self-diagnose muffler problems, one is exposed to extreme risk from hot engines or from being crushed by the weight of the car falling on him or her.

The other consequences that many motorists may not ordinarily link to muffler problems include:

  • When there are problems in your exhaust system, your fuel economy may suffer. Even if you do not note other symptoms noted above, if your MPG declines significantly, a defective muffler may be your culprit.
  • When there are problems in your exhaust systems, your engine may have to deal with more heat. This additional heat exposure may damage your catalytic converter.
  • You may be subject to a police-issued motor vehicle code civil infraction for operating a vehicle with defective equipment. Violation of this section (MCL 257.715) will cost the driver and/or operator a hefty court fine.

Whether or not you suspect the muffler or exhaust system is having a problem as a result of the symptoms described above, your systems should be inspected as part of any regular maintenance program. Convenience Auto Service has expert trained technicians that can properly service your muffler and exhaust system. Our commitment to each and every customer is to deliver comprehensive service and to offer insightful economical solutions to problems presented. We service all makes and models. Give Convenience Auto Service a call today to schedule an appointment.

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