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Premium Oil Service and Peace of Mind Vehicle Inspection
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*Full Service Oil Change (up to 5 qts oil) and Premium Filter
* Inspect Tire Pressure and Condition
* Check for Major Fluid Leaks
* Check Brake and Brake Fluid Condition
* Inspect Shocks, Struts, Suspension and Axle Boots
* Check Wiper Blades
* Check all Exterior Lights
* Check Accessory Drive Belt(s) and Hoses
* Test Battery and Terminal Condition
* Check Underhood Fluid Levels and Coolant Level of Protection
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Ann Arbor Auto Air Conditioning Repair

In the spring or summer here in Michigan, when you’re driving in your car and suddenly, rather than feeling comfortable and cool, you notice that hot and muggy feeling. That’s right… Your air conditioning is either faltering or failing all together. A less common issue involves “over-cooling” air being sent into your car or not defrosting your windshield. Either way, while knowing exactly what the problem is may not be crucial to you, having a basic understanding of how the system works may shed some light on an otherwise dim and stressful circumstance. The air conditioning process in your car generally includes a compressor, a condenser, an evaporator, a metering device, hoses or lines, and refrigerant.

To have your car’s air conditioning system work effectively, the refrigerant (sometimes called freon, that is held in the compressor) comes into contact with warm air in the evaporator where it extinguishes the heat in the surrounding environment, then the cooler surrounding air is circulated into the passenger area of the car.

When air conditioning does not effectively cool the car’s interior, there can be some easy fixes such as simply recharging the system with referigant. If you car is 7-10 years old, and this is the first time it’s needed attention. this may be all you need. No system seals perfectly, and a long term leak down might have occurred. However, in most cases we see, when a system leaks down, it is due to a failure somewhere in the system which allows the refrigerant to leak out. While correcting these problems may be simple fixes to a trained mechanic, novices should approach the diagnostic or repair process with extreme caution. Our typical process is to evacuate the system (and recycling any refrigerant that is still in the system) to see if it has a gross leak. If the leak is small (meaning the charge might take a week or more to escape, we refill the system with refrigerant that contains a special dye that can be seen in infrared light. If the leak is small enough, we may ask the customer to drive the car for a week or two after adding the dye, and then perform an inspection to determine the site of the leak. Unless the leak that is causing the loss of pressure is found, your system will simply fail prematurely.

Many cooling issues can be addressed quickly and affordably if you can recognize warning signs early. Symptoms can vary from air not being circulated, to only warm or dusty air being blown into the car, or the air conditioning unit making “strange noises”. Convenience Auto Service has the experienced personnel to quickly and efficiently diagnose the problem with your system and get your transportation experience back a pleasant driving experience. A regular check-up for your car is as important as medical checks are for you.

To help minor inconveniences stay that way, rather than morphing into a major catastrophe, call us today to schedule a no-cost diagnostic appointment or drop in at either of our easily accessible Ann Arbor locations. You will be glad that you did.

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