Best place in Ann Arbor to have your vehicle serviced

5 Liberty St 12/12/2017

As usual, the guys at Convenience took great care of me and my 170K mile old Outback - thanks much!

5 Liberty St 12/11/2017

Great service! I got in quickly and they had it done as promised.

5 Liberty St 12/7/2017

Corky, John, and Steve have taken care of my vehicles for many years and are outstanding. They are honest and don't sell me what I don't need. They also tell me what I don't want to hear. I started with Convenience because of knowledge and trust. They continue to have honesty and integrity in a murky service world.

5 Liberty St 12/4/2017

The staff is always professional and kind, and gives me total confidence that I and my car will be well cared for. I wouldn't consider taking my car anywhere else.

5 Liberty St 12/3/2017

Steve and Corkey and the staff have provided us with excellent service and advise on our cars for years. We trust them to provide service as needed at reasonable expense. They have never failed to provide top drawer service to us. I highly recommend their services for all makes and models. The shuttle service provides a ride when needed and makes dropping off an easy process. Thanks to all the employees at this location.

5 Liberty St 12/1/2017

These folks are just the best! From routine maintenance to emergency help, they are careful, thorough and caring. They are clear communicators, always patient with questions and glad to offer advice. I feel like they really care about us and our vehicles, from the snazzy new Camry hybrid to the ancient family Avalon. I won't ever go anywhere else!

5 Liberty St 11/30/2017

Patient, thorough explanations and excellent service.

5 Liberty St 11/30/2017

Great people. Great service.

4.5 Liberty St 11/28/2017

FANTASTIC service!!!! From Corky at the front desk to the technicians, everyone is very knowledgeable and helpful! I HIGHLY recommend Convenience Auto Service!

5 Liberty St 11/24/2017