Communication on what repairs were needed were timely and easy to understand. Turn-around time was exceptional.

5 South Campus 6/22/2017

Thank you for the work you do to keep my vehicles running safely!

5 South Campus 6/21/2017

They were very helpful and professional when dealing with my car repair. They have Great customer service.

5 South Campus 6/20/2017

Fantastic work. quick and affordable. Friendly staff.

5 South Campus 6/10/2017

I have routinely had great experiences at the Liberty St. location. We take our 2009 Prius in about once a year for maintenance. I took it to the Jewett shop for a checkup + 12v battery replacement. We got a quote for just that within a couple hours via email & phone. I responded with something along the lines of "We are going on a few road trips soon and want to make sure the car is ready, we trust your recommendations on anything else that needs to be done." I expected them to come back with something, I was telling them to take our money (I would not feel comfortable doing this at any other shop). Surprisingly they said no, the car is in great shape and there's no reason at this time to spend more money on anything. Awesome people who had a perfect opportunity to take advantage of us and didn't, very much appreciated.

5 South Campus 6/3/2017

Customer-service oriented, skilled professionals! My Porsche is serviced nowhere else!

5 South Campus 5/31/2017

Efficient and timely completion of oil change and free car inspection. Nice and convenient drop off and pick up service.

5 South Campus 5/28/2017

Appreciate the written explanation of services done and need to be done in the future with the $ estimate Also appreciate the effort they make to accommodate my schedule and the offer to give a ride if needed.

5 South Campus 5/27/2017

Great service....desk staff and mechanic took time to explain repairs and future issues. Appreciated how through they are. Been there several times and always have been very satisfied.

5 Liberty St 5/20/2017

Convenience Auto has always done a wonderful job giving my car a thorough inspection and providing great repair and customer service. They went the extra mile (literally) yesterday to troubleshoot what was going on with my brakes, it was a problem that happened intermittently so it was tougher to catch and diagnose. When all was said and done, the problem was solved and I feel safer being on the road thanks to them.

5 South Campus 5/17/2017